Mar 28, 17
Cliff Hopper
by App Games Team!

Cliff Hopper is a “pick up and play” action game developed by Mana Cube. If you've ever seen Indiana Jones, you know this set up. Our adventurer, Cliff, is perpetually chased by a giant boulder as you traverse the environment and time your taps. You'll jump over obstacles, avoid saw blades and flaming fireballs, and much more! All the while, you'll grab shiny coins to spend on additional characters. Does Cliff Hopper stay interesting and fun, or become dull with time? Let's find out.

Cliff Hopper is designed for quick play, with your play time directly equating to your skill. Controls are simple and easy to figure out, with everything designated to a single tap. Every time you start the game, you'll start by running out of the entrance to a tomb, chased by a giant boulder. Cliff runs in a zig-zag pattern, changing directions on certain blocks. Cliff Hopper is a game that's all about reflexes and timing, along with maintaining solid composure and not giving into nerves. As your chased by the boulder, you'll have to tap the screen as Cliff runs across various blocks and obstacles.

Cliff Hopper also has a lot of heart and charm, thanks to its light humor and visual style. The game is a blocky but cartoonish looking game, with fully 3D environments and characters. As you progress through the game, you'll gain points as you successfully zig zig past hazards. At ever successful turn, you'll gain a point. At certain point increments, you'll see the environment around you transform. One second, you'll be running through a jungle landscape, with vines growing up the side of ledges. A successful turn later, you'll find yourself in the middle of a winter wonderland, full of snow and ice. This cycle of environments continues as you play, giving you a good visual representation of progress.

Failing to make a jump or falling off the edge doesn't always equal death, though. You can spend coins to revive yourself and continue running. These coins are obtained through normal gameplay, as you'll collect them as you're running along. Additionally, side challenges can be completed for some extra cash, ensuring you are wealthy enough to run another day. These challenges range in type, but often are accompanied by a time limit. These challenges also encourage you to try different characters, which can also be unlocked using coins.

There's plenty of characters to choose from as well, with well over 30 additional characters to unlocked. Unlocking characters isn't insanely expensive, and you will find yourself accruing enough coins within a reasonable time frame. Extra characters can be bought with real money as well, but those who are committed to collecting coins won't need to spend the extra money.

There's definitely room for improvement with Cliff Hopper, and I hope to see the developers grow with their game. Including multiple challenges at once, upgrades, and even a light story mode would be excellent ways to ensure longevity with players. As a base game, it's very enjoyable, but a sprinkling of extra features would go a long way in helping Cliff Hopper stick with its audience.

Overall, Cliff Hopper is a great game for quick play, although I don't think you'll find yourself playing it for hours on end. However, it has risen near the top of my list for “go-to” casual games when I feel like some quick entertainment is in order. Cliff Hopper is a great way to have some fun while you wait, as you can complete runs super quick. I found myself playing Cliff Hopper as I waited for movies to begin, during exceptionally boring events, and whenever I felt the urge. If you're looking for a great game that's fun to play in short bursts, Cliff Hopper is a great choice. It's free to play, so give it a go!

Reviewed by Matt

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