May 07, 16
City Play

City Play is a nice game with a great twist, and that is you need to take control and also expand your town simply by nurturing the needs of your people. There are quite a lot of buildings in the city and each person and district will demand something from you. What you need to do is to make sure that you extract all the necessary food and raw materials, but the game also allows you to use these materials for something else.

It really is exciting and fun to have this type of tools out there and honestly the game does an amazing job to help you understand how hard it can be to run a city right from the start. There are lots of interesting moments to be had here and each experience is created with uniqueness in mind in fact, you have around 80 different building types whose power you need to harness.

The construction system is exciting and fun to begin with, which in the end does matter quite a lot. And of course, you have to keep in mind that features like strategy and simulation are blended really well here. It really seems that you can have a ton of fun here and honestly this is what makes the game so alert and funny in the first place.

Graphics are good and the entire experience is definitely the one of a mayor, with all the good and bad stuff that comes from that. There’s a whole lot of attention to detail, the game can get slightly difficult at times and the more you play the more immersive the experience will get. I like how exciting it can be to modify your city as you see fit and you definitely have an immense set of ideas and benefits to go with it which is what matters the most in the end.

If you are a fan of city creation and exploration or tycoons as a whole, this game is right up your alley and it does deliver a very impressive experience. I do recommend you to check it out and you are bound to love it in the end.

App Games Score: 8/10

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