Jun 01, 15
Chords Player

Chords Player is a simple, yet useful, music tool.
It lets you easily create chords sequences and arrange theme to create rhythm tracks for you to train on.

You know the chords, you know the tabs, partitions, you know the rhythm,... what you need now is a tool for you to train on. Whether you're a guitarist, pianist or other, this sequencer will become your friend to train yourself when you're on the road or at home.

Create your intro, verse, chorus, outro... sequences and order them to make your song.

- Online storage and sharing of your creations!
- Tablet UI Optimization
- Different tempo for sequences.
- Your feedback...

What's new
- drawer menu
- tempo tap
- strumming
- customizable arpeggios settings for each sequence, bar and chord
- customizable chords