May 28, 15
CATch the Mouse

Cats and mice have been battling each other since the beginning of time, and cartoons such as Tom and Jerry clearly show how impressive and unique their world really is. With CATch the Mouse you will be able to actually play the role of a cat whose main purpose is to catch the mice and bring them home.

What might sound very easy at first, in reality it requires a lot of planning and attention. You will need to use the tilting controls in order to avoid the dogs and access the mice, but at the same time you will have to plan the attacks strategically in order to get the best outcome that you can possibly hope for.

With CATch the Mouse you also get the ability to unlock new cats as time passes, each one with new, extraordinary abilities for you to try. You can also sync your data between devices, a feature that I particularly find very interesting and filled with a lot of potential.
Graphics in this game are great, and the ability to control your cat via tilting is very nice. Combine that with the fact that there’s a leaderboard and you will immediately see why it’s just plain fun to enjoy this interesting title.

Sure, there are downsides such as the low production value that does appear sometimes, and there are a few minor control issues sometimes too. But there do not hamper the main experience and I just like the game as a whole.

Overall, I do think that CATch the Mouse deserves a try, especially since it’s a game you can get free of charge. Check it out, you will like it a lot, especially if you are into strategic game with a nice depth.


Reviewed by Alexandru Tanase (

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