Nov 22, 16
Candy Fruit Mania

I always enjoy playing match three games so playing Candy Fruit Mania was a blast and I had a lot of fun with this title. The entire idea of this game is to offer you a delightful, unique experience as you get to match 3 or more fruits with the same color and shape. Each level in this game is a ton of fun because you always get to explore new challenges and the puzzles do get more difficult.

I found myself playing this game for hours right from the first time. The reason is simple, this game is a ton of fun and the candy fruit experience is rewarding. You get to explore an interesting story and you have a unique, refined way to approach all of that which I enjoyed quite a bit.

While the puzzles can be tough at times, it’s their challenge that will keep you alert on your toes. I particularly enjoy the uniqueness of the gameplay and the fact that you always have the ability to explore new ideas and as you play.

Combos are rewarding, even though it can be a little tough to achieve them. But it was even more interesting for me because these combos and unique items help set the game apart and the experience offered here is second to none.

Graphically, the game is marvelous. I appreciate the hard work put into the visuals and I particularly like the popping effects and the fun design for each item. It’s great to see a lot of hard work placed here and I am very happy with the great experience that they delivered here. I believe that Candy Fruit Mania successfully manages to impress all players that want a new, refined take on titles such as Candy Crush.

Candy Fruit Mania sets out to be something different and it succeeds. It has new items, cool new ideas and it does bring in front a lot of new stuff. If you believe that you want a new, interesting take on match 3 games, then Candy Fruit Mania is right up your alley!

Reviewed by Alexandru