Nov 15, 15
Buster and the Crystal Bones

I am all in for great platform games, and many times I just want to try out the latest stuff on the market. This is why trying Buster and the Crystal Bones was like a dream come true, because this title brings in front one of the most interesting gameplay mechanics that I saw in recent games.

Basically, the title is not afraid of trying in something new, and the ability to offer a 3D platformer that you can play on your phone or iPad is just very interesting to say the least.

Right off the bat I have to say that the graphics are very good in this game. There’s a lot of cool stuff here, and the entire game region is designed in order to offer high quality game mechanics which is really neat for sure.

The controls are a little hard to understand at first to be honest, but at the end of the day you will get accustomed to them. There are only a few buttons, the directional pad, jumping and rolling, so the game is not hard at all, instead it’s really fun to understand and play even for kids.

On top of that, I found levels to be diverse and they do integrate seamlessly into the story. In fact, storytelling is combined in a seamless fashion with the platforming genre, and that on its own can be very interesting here for sure.

The overall platforming mechanics are great because you do need to change them from time to time. You have to jump over various holes towards the middle of the earth, or you have specific platforms. You can also collect bones but most of the time you do have an objective which is quite interesting to be honest. I like the idea of bringing in front intense gameplay but the field of view can be a little off for some at first. Thankfully, things get a lot better as you play and that matters a lot more.

The difficulty does spike from time to time, but what matters here is how intense the game really is. You have just a few lives, and they are hard to maintain when the game gets insanely difficult. The colorful environment does help a lot when it comes to setting up the tone for the entire experience!

For me, Buster and the Crystal Bones is a very good game, and the fact that you can have such an impressive 3D platformer that can fit in your pocket is truly extraordinary. Don’t hesitate and grab this one right away, it’s a great, inexpensive and fun 3D platformer.