Apr 12, 17
Built for Speed
by App Games Team!

Built for Speed is a top down racing game developed by Meizi Games. With a multitude of customizable and upgradeable cars, as well as a track editor, Built for Speed offers plenty of racing content for players to enjoy. The inclusion of various modes from single player to competitive gives plenty of room for replayability. You'll fly around corners as you drift, earn coins to spend on your car, and set new times on leaderboards. Is it any fun though?

Built for Speed's top down viewpoint originally reminded me of Super Off-Road, a 4 player arcade racer that I grew up with. Unlike Super Off-Road, the track moves along with you, so you never get to see the entire thing at once. While this perspective doesn't always offer the most preparation, it makes the experience exciting and unexpected. Controlling your car is easy enough, as you only ever adjust the steering. You have no control over braking or speeding up, as the car is constantly in a state of acceleration. The only way to ensure you'll move quickly without interruption is to avoid obstacles and maintain a steady course. I prefer the ability to adjust my speed as I see fit, but Built for Speed's control scheme ends up working out alright.

The game is jam packed with content, offering plenty of both single player and competitive experiences. There's over arcing daily quests to complete, which refresh after 24 hours. These challenges invite you to explore the various modes, as well as accomplish various tasks. The challenges are a good way to get some quick play in without committing to a full circuit.

Speaking of circuits, Built for Speed has a hefty amount of “Career” content to explore. The Career mode makes up the bulk of the experience, and it's where you'll find yourself spending most of your time. Unless you prefer multiplayer and track editing, you'll most likely be racing around the selected Career tracks. Career mode is broken up into 3 sub-modes: Tour, Cup, and Event. Tour offers several races on various tracks, finishing off with a boss race once you've met the requirements to unlock them. Cup mode is a bit more old fashioned, with a collection of races to complete. Event is how it sounds, with each race being it's own separate experience.

I spent most of my time in Tour, as Cup and Event don't unlock until you've raised your drive level. Your driver level increases as you win races and overcome foes, but doesn't serve a huge gameplay purpose. Rather, your driver level represents your amount of time and experience with the game, detailed in your online profile. There's also an extensive statistics page that I enjoyed, which tracks a variety of things. Everything from total play time to the amount of cars owned is tracked, useful for quick reference.

The Track Editor is basic but easy to learn, allowing players to easily create their own tracks and publish them online. The act of track editing is simple. You're presented with an assortment of track tiles, which you arrange and place on the board to your liking. There's also decoration tiles that give your track some life, but for the most part you'll be creating simple loops. The customization and unique aspect of creating your own track and racing online is great, and I really enjoyed the idea. This is even better considering you can start a racing group with your friends, making sharing and playing online together simplified.

As a package, Built for Speed has a decent amount of content. More importantly, it has modes for every type of player. Whether you're a fan of online competition, deep single player experiences, or creating your own levels, Built for Speed has all of it. This is backed by a hefty amount of car customization and upgrade paths, making your car feel just as personalized as the custom tracks you can create. I really would've liked to see speed controls on the car, and the game can be a bit easy at times, but overall everything works out fine. There's a decent variety in visuals as far as track design is concerned, and the overall aesthetic is pleasing and nice to look at. If you're a fan of arcade-like racers, or user generated content, Built for Speed is an easy recommendation. I had quite a good time, and I'm pretty dang sure you will too.

Reviewed by Matt

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