Nov 14, 16
Bubur Ayam Rush - Cooking Game

I love cooking, so being able to play a cooking game can be very exciting. And when the game is as good as Bubur Ayam Rush - Cooking Game, you will be excited as well.

The premise here is simple, you have to acquire ingredients that you will then use to expand your offering. There are tons of ingredients to choose from, some of which are very easy to access and some which require investment.

You will need to use all money that you get from your business in order to create a unique, thriving business that pays off amazingly well. In order to do that, you need to serve the clients but also manage your business properly.

Upgrades are necessary in the game if you want to handle more than a single client at a time. And obviously, you want that if you want to further boost your business. The game does a very good job at offering you a simplistic way of doing business but it also delivers a rewarding gameplay idea that you will enjoy quite a bit. While it’s easy to play, Bubur Ayam Rush - Cooking Game can be hard to master as it does come with a wide array of challenges that you have to play through. Yet if you go through all of that, you will find this game to be fun, rewarding and a sheer delight.

I believe that the 200 levels they have here are more than enough as you do get enough challenge and fun out of them. There will be a few challenges here and there, but as a whole you will find Bubur Ayam Rush - Cooking Game to be a lot more rewarding than ever before. I recommend you to give it a shot, it really is an astounding game with a very interesting premise! Plus, the new challenges you get all the time do help create a very distinct and fun atmosphere for you to enjoy!

App Games Score 9/10

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