Jan 17, 17
Bubble Viking - Dragon Land

Bubble Viking is a classic bubble shooter game where players must clear the screen of bubbles by firing the same colored bubble at them; it follows the traditional gameplay without adding anything new to the genre. The game was published by OMG-Studio and fits the casual genre nicely.

The tutorials for the game are great which is very nice to see in a mobile game. Every time a new gameplay mechanic is introduced to the game, there's a short tutorial at the start of the level explaining how it works and what it means. It's a great way of teaching new players the game mechanics, especially for players who are new to the bubble shooter genre. When a new type of level is introduced to the player, there are usually 2-3 levels of this type in a row which works well to solidify how they work and provides players with plenty of time to learn how to approach them.

Bubble Viking also features a simple control system which all players can appreciate; it makes good use of the touch screen so that players are able to switch between bubbles in the cannon and also shoot to destroy the on-screen bubbles. Players can aim and shoot the cannon by moving their finger on the screen to move the positioning then releasing their finger to fire. Switching between the bubbles is done simply by tapping on the cannon.

There are several types of levels in the game which range from the classic vertical scrolling screen where players must destroy all the bubbles to reach the top and levels where there are 'friends' to rescue. Each type of level has an objective that must be completed in order to finish the level and once completed, a new one is unlocked. There are a large number of levels in the game for players to get through as they follow a linear path though the different areas.

While each level is different, they all use a limited number of cannon balls which forces the player to be strategic and precise with their shots. They also use a star based rating system which rates the player on their performance. As a result, the game has a high replay value and the varied level types can keep the gameplay entertaining for quite some time.

Players are limited to a set number of levels however. It uses a 'hearts' system where players can only attempt a level if they have a heart they can spend to enter it. This is quite common in mobile games but is quite frustrating for the later levels in the game which become much more difficult. Players need to wait 30 minutes to regain a heart, win a level or purchase them from the cash store.

There are 200 levels for players to complete and each level has a full-screen advertisement at the end; considering this is a free to play game, this wouldn't be too annoying if the game didn't have constant advertisements for its cash store on the screen. The game also has a “spin the wheel” which contains a variety of rewards that players could potentially get if they watch an advertisement first. These are only minor but constantly needing to exit and advertisement after each level does become annoying very quickly.

Bubble Viking – Dragon Land is a nice casual bubble shooter game with plenty of content for players to work their way though. It does come with some issues however which could become more frustrating as the game progresses. Most players should be able to enjoy the casual gameplay and atmosphere in Bubble Viking however, the lack of innovation means that this game doesn't stand out in the genre and feels very similar to other games.

Reviewed by Lunawolf