Mar 23, 16
Bubble Jungle - Super Chameleon Platformer World

Bubble Jungle - Super Chameleon Platformer World is a fun platform game that offers a unique, refined 3D experience that seamlessly combines visuals with a great set of tools in order to offer a truly unique, outstanding experience.

What I like the most about Bubble Jungle - Super Chameleon Platformer World is that you get a lot of levels to go through and all of them are very detailed which does deliver a great experience all around. On top of that, you can play with multiple players which is a neat addition to the experience.

The liberty that comes from exploring a fully 3D game world is very interesting and it does offer you some interesting possibilities to be honest. I do like the fact that the game was created with ease of use in mind and you will surely enjoy the large number of levels included here, but also the character customization.

Speaking of that, the main character is funny and the design is top notch, you do feel a lot for him despite being a goofy, cartoony character.

There are some boss fights added in here and they do work really well with the entire experience I like the fact that they didn’t make the boss battle a real pain because if you use your skills wisely you will have no problem getting the results you want which is what matters the most.

The game is quite long when compared to other mobile titles and I really appreciate the commitment that these developers have when it comes to creating a vibrant, powerful and unified experience. There are a few performance flaws here and there but the reality is that they won’t hamper the experience even one bit. In fact, the game really does an extraordinary job when it comes to helping you become a part of this massive universe and the unique engagement that you get here is nothing short of astonishing to be honest.

Graphics are amazing! I rarely found a good indie mobile game that looks so nice and I do feel that more titles should be like this. It’s a really nice experience to enjoy the game and just have fun, so you should definitely check it out if you want a good 3D platformer. I enjoyed this game and I am sure that you will do too!

App Games Score 9/10