Sep 03, 15
Bounty Matics

Most methods that are used in order to learn math nowadays are either too old school or just plain boring. This is why I got very impressed with Bounty Matics: Maths made Fun, a game that not only manages to make kids enjoy the funny graphics and characters, but at the same time it’s a title designed with a very noble cause, which is to help kids learn math the right way.

This is a really cool way to learn math, because kids have the opportunity to become a bounty hunter as they truly manage to understand how it is to protect the wild west against the deadly fugitives and many other enemies that he has to encounter. This is a game about fun, character, charisma and explosives, because the title does include all of this and so much more. It’s a very refined game with a great set of graphics that I enjoyed quite a lot, but at the same time it has some clear mechanics.

In order to shoot a bullet you just need to solve the math problem on the bullets. This is really cool to be honest, because it does manage to make you improve your response skill in order to defeat the enemies. It’s a very interesting, refined and unique game that was designed specifically to make learning more fun. And it does that in spades. The game is very simple right off the bat, but as you progress, you can get rewards and the experience gets even more intense.

There are plenty of levels considering the size of the game, and within the 100 levels is pure math awesomeness, unlike never before. I found Bounty Matics: Maths made Fun to be a very addictive, funny and impressive as a whole. It’s refined, extraordinary and cool, but at the same time it does offer quite a lot of unique ideas without a problem.

This game is created with a love for math in mind and you can see that it addresses the smaller kids which are learning this. Oddly enough, I also got hooked with the game mechanics and the interesting way the game plays. It’s nice to explore these unique challenges and the gameplay as a whole is very good indeed.

Graphically, I am very satisfied with the unique way the title looks and considering that this is a math game, with not that much emphasis on the visuals, the title really looks spot on. It’s a cool game to play alongside your kid on your tablet, as this is how I found the best experience for this title to actually be.

All in all, this is a pleasant, funny and relaxing game. You should definitely give it a shot if you want to relax yourself alongside a math game or if you want to teach your child math in an interactive way.


Reviewed by Alexandru Tanase (

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