Apr 06, 17
Bloons TD 5
by App Games Team!

Bloons TD 5 is a tower defense game from developer Ninja Kiwi where the player takes control of the Monkeys who are under attack from the evil Bloons which threaten to destroy their home. The army of Bloons marches along the path and it's up to the player to stop them by popping them before they reach their destination.

The game play in Bloons TD 5 is exactly as expected for this genre. The player needs to place different turrents and Monkeys (towers) around the set pathway the Bloons will be moving along. The Monkey's are able to destroy the balloons as they enter the attack zone for that tower or Monkey. Unlike other games in the genre though, it does have a few other types of 'towers' which are highly engaging as the player is able to direct their movements and attacks on the balloons. This allows for more strategic play which also adding an element of action to the game.

As the game progresses, the player is able to earn experience points and unlock new towers. Once a new tower has been unlocked, it's permanently unlocked for the player to use from the very start of the next game. Towers do need to be purchased however and money is a finite resource in the game so players need to purchase and upgrade their towers strategically to make the most of the limited funds. Each tower has two upgrade trees and after a certain point, the player can only upgrade that specific tower along one of the upgrade paths. While that tower is then limited, other towers of the same type could be upgraded along a different path. This allows the player to specialize the towers in a different way.

Completing each map provides the player with a certain amount of Monkey Cash which can then be used to unlock Special Agents which can be used in each attempt. These Special Agents have a unique ability that can provide benefits to the player for that one attempt at the game. In addition to this, the money can be spent in the Premium Store to permanently unlock special features. It's also possible to unlock new land and purchase buildings that provide permanent upgrades to the towers in the game.

While the player can undertake solo game attempts, there are also Special Missions, Random Missions, Daily Challenges and an Odyssey mode for the player to fight through. Each of these modes provide the player with special rewards such as Monkey Money or tokens which can be used to unlock new abilities for towers.

Bloons TD 5 also has a co-op mode which allows players to work together to defeat the Bloons. In this mode, both players are actively competing on the same map to stop the Bloons and each player controls one half of the map. The two players much work together to stop the Bloons from reaching the end of the path. If too many Bloons reach the end then the players get a game over and need to start again from the beginning.

The game is a very nice addition to the Tower Defense genre, it adds enough new content to keep it interesting which is rare to see in this genre of game. There's lots of content for players to explore in addition to a nice co-op mode that lets two players work together to stop the Bloons.

Bloons TD 5 is a great Tower Defense game with plenty of content to keep players hooked while also following the traditional elements usually seen in this genre of game.

Reviewed by LunaWolf

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