Dec 11, 16
Asteroids Crack Multiplayer

“Asteroids Crack” is a space shooter developed by Mike Leenaars. If you've ever played the arcade classic “Asteroids”, this mobile title is pretty similar. You pilot a ship while shooting down asteroids, trying to reach a hi score and complete levels. “Asteroids” is a classic for a reason; it's a tried and true formula. Let's find out if “Asteroids Crack” lives up to its namesake.

From the get-go, there's two modes of play. There's “Play”, which is the single player version, and “Multi Player”, an online version of the game. They are actually pretty different, so let's look at the single player offering first.

In both modes, the enemies are the same. Different colored rocks come flying across the screen, and your objective is to destroy as many as possible while avoiding their destructive path. However, different colored asteroids mean different things, so you have to keep a keen eye on colors and change your priorities in turn. Green asteroids give you a protective shield when destroyed, and gold asteroids double your point earnings for a limited time. On the flip side, red asteroids are like bombs. If you don't hit destroy them before they leave the screen, it's an instant game over. Completing each level nets you 100 points and a medal.

In the single player mode, you are sat in a cockpit view, with your ship at the center of the dash. This plays more like a turret-style action shooter rather than classic asteroids, which is a bit confusing at first. As asteroids appear on screen, you rotate your ship and tap a button to shoot. As you complete levels, you earn bombs that can clear the screen. There's no bomb button though, you simply hold down the shoot button for a bit and then release it. I would've preferred a separate button, as it takes a few seconds to use a bomb. This makes it difficult to utilize in a last ditch effort to clear the screen when things get too hectic.

Each level is a ten asteroid wave, and as soon as you complete one, it's on to the next. The levels don't exactly get more difficult as time goes on, so it's truly a matter of endurance. The high score is the objective here, so being consistently accurate is important. When you die, it's game over and back to square one. There's no level select, so once you're on a roll you should stay focused.

The other main mode of play is “Multi Player”. When you select this, you're sent to a customization menu. Here, you select your display name, and the color of ship you want. Once you've decided, you end up in a room select screen. There wasn't a lot of people playing online, and there was a lack of a search function, so I'm not sure exactly how you're supposed to join a friend's room. However, the gameplay here is more like classic “Asteroids”, which I prefer over the single player mode.

You control both your ship's movements and its fire. Using the classic dual stick method of control, it's pretty easy to navigate your ship around and shoot with accuracy. The same rules of single player apply, and there's a progression of levels here as well. I believe there's up to four players allowed in a room, and I strongly believe multiplayer is the best way to play this game. If anything, it's a cooperative recreation of “Asteroids”, which is just plain fun on its own.

Overall, “Asteroids Crack” doesn't break much new ground, but it does a good job entertaining the player. The game is more about mastery of control and precision over customization and challenges. Those who appreciate classic arcade gameplay will find the multiplayer offering fun and rewarding. If you're looking for a deep set of upgrades and stuff like that, it's simply not here. I don't think “Asteroids Crack” needs all that though. It's a competent revival of “Asteroids” that's entertaining to play in short bursts, and a good time with a few friends as well. If you like cooperative action and have a knack for classic arcade, you'll enjoy “Asteroids Crack”.

Reviewed by Matt