Jan 30, 16
Alpha Quest

Alpha Quest is a game that seamlessly manages to combine a bubble popper with a really nice, interesting and fun experience that was designed in order to take your gameplay to new heights. One of the things I like the most about this game is that it’s one that you can actually play and relax, but at the same time you can actually test your mind and improve your problem solving skills, which is indeed an extraordinary thing to do.

You can opt for either singleplayer or challenges, it’s all down to you but the challenges are really good and they do offer a great value all around which is why you should totally try them out. However the singleplayer comes with a good tutorial and explanation on how to play the game so it’s mandatory to check that out first.

As for the gameplay itself, the title is designed with value in mind and you can see that right of the bat. The experience is more than impressive all the time and that’s because the simplicity of what you have to do. You have to create words just by tapping on bubbles, but make sure that the words follow that pattern that was imposed to you in the first place. This is what really makes Alpha Quest reach new heights, because it allows you to take control over the experience and this can definitely have a massive impact on the gameplay itself, which is always nice, fun and exciting to say the least.

With more than 50 levels here, the game does have quite a lot of content and that plays in its favor. I have only great things to say about the gameplay experience because not only is it fun, it’s also colorful and filled with amazing challenges that you will appreciate in the long run. This definitely takes the gameplay to new heights and in the end that thing really pays off on its own.

The multiplayer mode is also a ton of fun because you need to create either long or shorter words. This does bring in front intense and fun challenges as you play. Even if you don’t want multiplayer, the singleplayer on its own can really give you plenty of amazing challenges to boot, not to mention that you also have the leaderboard where you can show off your glory.

I found Alpha Quest to be a really nice word game that does relax me but also tries to bring in a few good challenges. It’s fun, quirky and exactly how you would picture a good word game to be, so you should definitely try it out right away and you will not be disappointed!