May 28, 15
Adventure Run - Temple Hunt

Let’s face it, with so many adventure and running games on mobile right now, it can be hard to choose a fun game to play, but with Adventure Run - Temple Hunt you can easily get the fun you need rather fast. What this game does is that it allows you to experience the sheer awesomeness of the jungle in a very interesting manner. You will have the opportunity to run from a wide range of enemies and face numerous perils, all in an effort to obtain the results you seek.

You get 25 levels of endless running, and your main purpose is to get as far as you can in this stunning, interactive jungle! The game allows you to unlock new power-ups as you go along, and you will also be able to learn and find new challenges that you can master. The graphics here are very good, and you will always be able to obtain unique results in an interactive fashion.

What I like the most about this game, aside from the astounding gameplay, is surely the fact that you just get a ton of unlocks and, what’s even more important, the controls are very responsive. This thing alone makes the whole experience astounding to say the least. Also, the fact that each level has a missing temple at the end of it makes the game have an experience, and you will surely like this at all costs.

Adventure Run - Temple Hunt has a few minor issues, such as locations where you fall out of nowhere, but these do not hamper the amazing experience that the game offers. Instead, you just have a ton of fun, and that’s the most important thing in this regard, the rest is just an added bonus for you to enjoy.

This is a very good game if you want to pass the time and have fun, so check it out right now, you will like it for sure!


Reviewed by Alexandru Tanase (

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