Jun 16, 15
7 Planets

7 Planets is logic board game of rolling and matching wooden balls. It is based on Ziv Zav board game made in 1985.

You get old wooden box with 28 balls in 7 colors which you must place in correct rows to establish order in Universe. But be aware, balls are every time randomly placed and when one ball moves in a raw all others also move.

"Nifty puzzle game, which kept me amused for hours! Don’t let the simplicity put you off, the game play is fantastic and it is far more challenging than you might initially think." - www.wedocode.com

"If there is ever a great puzzle game then 7 Planets has to be up there with the best of them; forget Connect Four or Solitaire marbles this is a game of logic, cunning and strategy and is a whole heap of fun. " - www.iphoneglance.com

"Mind bending logic puzzler. Don’t let the lack of game modes turn you off this title, with these small features you will find yourself playing for hours on end." - www.chriswrites.com

"Get those juices flowing with this logic puzzle game. " - www.appadvice.com - AppsGoneFree

IMPORTANT: The menu is called from the game by touching the screen with two fingers.